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About us

Our vision
Is to develop, procure, process and distribute corrosion and heat resistant high-performance materials and components made from these materials. We are the leading supplier for customers in technologically challenging industries both nationally and internationally.

Our mission
Our high-quality products, well-trained employees, extensive services and our international network provide the best conditions for our customers to produce competitive products "just in time". We thus assure healthy growth and a successful future for our companies.

Our values
•Our core competences are flexibility, individual responsibility and commitment
•We meet our daily challenges with persistence and a positive attitude
•We communicate clearly, honestly and transparently
•We are tolerant and open-minded
•We are loyal and reliable partners
•Our team spirit is characterised by mutual respect and fairness
•Our business relationships are founded on consistency and personal contact
•We act to achieve our goals and improve the future in various sectors - internationally

Corporate history of Hempel Special Metals Ltd, Wokingham and Dewsbury part of the Hempel Special Metals Group:

1982 Airco Metals ltd established

1989 F W Hempel  & Co , Dusseldorf acquire 51% of Airco Metals Ltd

1992 F W Hempel & Co , Dusseldorf acquire 100% of Airco Metals Ltd

2007 Airco Metals Ltd name changed to Hempel Special Metals Ltd

2016 Hempel Special Metals Ltd acquire Firmus Metals Ltd , name changed to Hempel Firmus Metals Ltd

History of Hempel Firmus Metals Ltd

January 2010 Firmus Metals Ltd established

April 2016 , Hempel Special Metals Ltd acquire 100% Firmus Metals Ltd , name changed to Hempel Firmus Metals Ltd



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