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International distributor and quality service provider in high-performance materials including Titanium, Nickel Alloys, Aerospace Steels, Special Steels and Exotic alloys, we specialise in hard to find materials.

Hempel Special Metals UK are proud to provide the best solutions for businesses worldwide, where material quality and service are paramount to our clients. As an independent family-owned group of companies operating globally, with a Head Office in Switzerland, our collective focus is on quality and service.

We stock and distribute bar, sheet, plate, strip in coil and tube in a range of materials and alloys globally. With our well-equipped service centres, we’re able to supply semi-finished products bespoke to our clients’ needs. Hempel Special Metals UK are also able to offer precision coil slitting and sawing services as well as laser and waterjet cutting services from our UK location.

Hempel Special Metals UK are the preferred partner for many OEM’s as we hold the relevant accreditations such as BS/EN 9120, ISO 9001, ISO 50001 and ISO 14001.

Our Titanium

Our titanium is widely used in the aerospace and medical sectors, as well as in other industrial applications where durability, weight with a high strength-to-weight ratio is required. Our titanium alloys are a vital industry element, favoured for their corrosion resistance and ability to withstand a range of intense temperatures. 

Our Nickel Alloys

Nickel alloys are versatile materials with a wide range of properties, including high strength, corrosion resistance, and high-temperature stability. These properties make nickel alloys ideal for a variety of applications, including in the oil & gas and petrochemical sectors.

Our Stainless and Duplex Steels

Stainless and duplex steels are a cost effective and reliable materials that are well-suited for a huge variety of applications. Hempel Special Metals UK are pleased to stock and distribute stainless steel and Duplex steel globally to support applications in chemical processing, marine applications, food and beverage processing and more.

Year-end spurt

The market for stainless steels is still weak and prices remain at a low level. However, the bottom seems to have been reached. At least in the first quarter there could be a revival due to rather empty stocks. Germany is probably still in recession in the third quarter of the current year. Markets such as Switzerland, Austria, which were doing quite well so far, are now also showing zero growth. Interest rates still remain at a relatively high level and have exerted their braking effect on the economy. Inflation seems subdued, although energy prices are still high. Where will the growth impulses come from: China is shaping a real estate and debt crisis, the US is entering an election year, Europe is divided and war is raging in the East. In certain specialities, e.g. titanium, things are still going quite well because the product is scarce, not necessarily because demand is high. We remain optimistic and Hempel is investing in the future. More about that soon here and in the trade magazines.  





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