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Reaction time

The markets seem to follow politics, which in turn has become the "virus hunted" in some countries. For a year now, everything has revolved around the virus and we are in a "permanent wave". Obviously, politics reacts to statistics. If one compares the statistics between countries and with the empirical values of the past, one involuntarily comes to the phrase of Winston Churchill, who is said to have said "I only believe in statistics that I doctored myself". By the time politicians have decided on the basis of the statistics, valuable time has passed again and the measures usually come too late. The reaction time is simply not right. Just as in the economy, politics should deal itself more with the future. This would improve the reaction time and the measures would not only be more sustainable but also more understandable for the population. Currently, the metal trade has to react to price increases, transport problems, supply bottlenecks. This is also a snapshot, because we are in an upswing due to pent-up demand. Overreaction is the wrong approach because it will only amplify the upswing. The situation will normalize soon.

Julien Apothéloz from Zurich, whom we sponsor, is a member of the Allied-Racing team this year and is driving the GT World Challenge Europe Endurance 2021 on a Porsche 911 GT3 R. His reaction time is an important factor for success. The first 3-hour race on Sunday in Monza can be followed at 15:00 in the livestream on the GT World Challenge Europe YouTube channel www.youtube.com/user/gt1world. Find out more about the car and the team here.

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