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Aerospace & Defence

Hempel Special Metals UK are proud to provide the best solutions for the aerospace industry, where material quality and service are paramount to our clients.

As an independent family-owned group of companies operating globally, our focus is on quality and service by utilising our partnerships with approved mill sources.

We offer bar, sheet, plate, strip, tube, & pipes in a range of exotic materials and alloys. With our well-equipped service centres, we’re able to supply semi-finished products bespoke to our clients’ needs.

HMM are the preferred partner for many OEM’s  as we hold the relevant aerospace accreditations such as AS 9120 & SC21 which gives the assurance of quality and JIT deliveries . 

The speciality metals we manufacture ensure the safety and reliability of both commercial and military aircrafts. They are used in engines and airframes, enabling them to function at optimal efficiency under extreme conditions.

Our titanium is widely used in aerospace, as a durable metal that combines a light weight with a high strength-to-weight ratio. Our titanium alloys and nickel alloys are a vital aircraft industry element, favoured for their corrosion resistance and ability to withstand a range of intense temperatures. They keep exceptionally low levels of expansion (even above 500°F), allowing them to retain their strength and shape.  

Our other aerospace industry metals include stainless steel and marking steel, noted for its ability to resist wear and tear, even after prolonged exposure to harsh conditions.

These superior metals provide essential strength and durability, with qualities far superior to those of traditional materials like aluminium. They guarantee safety and peace of mind for pilots, passengers, and crew, and we appreciate the crucial contribution this makes to the aerospace industry.

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Product Count

Round bars (21)

Round bars Round bars 1.4125 - 440C
Round bars Round bars 2.4668 - 718
Round bars Round bars 3.7035 - Grade 2

Coil (2)

Coil Coil 2.4669 - X750
Coil Coil 3.7025 - Grade 1

Sheets & plates (286)

Sheets & plates Sheets & plates 2.4856 - 625
Sheets & plates Sheets & plates 3.7025 - Grade 1
Sheets & plates Sheets & plates 3.7035 - Grade 2

Tubes round (1)

Tubes round Tubes round 3.7035 - Grade 2

Hexagon-Shape (1)

Hexagon-Shape Hexagon-Shape 3.7035 - Grade 2

Ingots "square" (1)

Ingots "square" Ingots "square" 3.7035 - Grade 2